My name is John Dallas McCarter and I'm the owner of Professional Real Estate Photography, LLC.  As a licensed Realtor for more than 20 years (but not active in listing, selling or property management any longer) I've taken a LOT of pictures of homes.  I've been involved with more than 30 personal real estate transactions and I know how important pictures are to selling a home.   I'm a member of two photographic trade groups: Association of Real Estate Photographers and International Freelance Photographers Organization.  Real estate photography is ALL I do.  It's not a sideline for me so I take my work very seriously.  That's why I can make the following guarantee.


I know Realtors also take their work very seriously, and we all know pictures get people interested in looking at a home.  Therefore, I will make you this guarantee.  Using my pictures and movie for your listing, if it doesn't have an accepted offer within 90 days from the date of listing or from the date the pictures were taken, whichever is later, I will refund half of the fee for the photo shoot back to you or take a new set of photos/movie for  half of the normal fee.